All over the Eastern Suburbs there has been a fat loss epidemic due to an increasing rise of highly skilled ‘Dangerously Fit’ personal trainers. Hundreds of people have drastically shed fat from their hips, thighs and stomachs!

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Hi, Im Dan Clay, Owner of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs most sought after personal training program, Dangerously Fit.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable and self conscious

or being unable to fit into clothes that once looked good on you …

or hiding away under big baggy clothes at the beach…

then take a few minutes to read this page… 

It’s time YOU knew the truth about the fat loss industry and its dirty little secrets!

The TRUTH is the fat loss industry is a big business, a REALLY big business, Australians are spending billions of dollars on all kinds of worthless fat loss products… 

First of all there’s the weight loss shakes that do nothing but make you SO HUNGRY that you want to punch someone!

then there’s the boring de-motivating cookie cutting fat loss programs that promise results but never deliver,

then the magic pills that are supposed to speed up your metabolism and inhibit your appetite but just put you on edge and make you irritable,

and of course there’s always the never seen before weight loss machine being sold to us on TV  infomercials that claim to get you toned and buffed in 5 minutes but just end up being used as a coat hanger!

These unscrupulous fat loss corporations know how eager you are to lose weight, change your appearance and change your life. 

They manipulate you into thinking that they can really help, but in reality they only want to separate you from your hard earned cash. Think about it, they have no interest in really helping you because if you lose weight who’s going to buy their products?

What you read in the media and see on TV is nothing more than what these billion dollar weight loss industry corporations want you to read and see.
Fitness magazines are owned by supplement companies silently and sneakily promoting their own products.

These corporations are spending huge sums of money in advertising and they twist the media any way they like.
You are left frustrated, feeling like there’s no hope and that nothing works, trapped in a body that you dont like and don’t want. 

It’s no wonder we’re the fatest nation in all world and that obesity is at epidemic proportions, it’s NOT your fault -you’ve been lied to! 

At Last… A tried and successfully proven system to get you into the best shape of your life! 

As the owner of a personal training company it’s in my best interest to get you into great shape, my income depends

on it.

If my clients don’t achieve results I don’t earn a living, which is why I have spent the last ten years perfecting a system my trainers use to get results that works -100% of the time!

I have systematized my training methods in the ‘Dangerously Fit Progam’ and hire only top quality Eastern Suburbs personal trainers to continue helping hundreds more people, people just like you.

You might be thinking to yourself that you’re somehow different, that we can’t help you?

We can help you! Everyone that has followed our program diligently has seen results, I guarantee it.

Whether your goal is to feel more attractive to the opposite sex, lose weight or to just look and feel better about yourself, you can learn the secrets of the Dangerously Fit Program we have used for years to help our clients achieve amazing results.
It’s time YOU took action to become ‘dangerously fit”

But First I Must Warn You…

Our weight loss programs are only for those of you who are ready to lose unwanted body fat- once and for all and to finally feel good about yourself.

If you want to hire a personal trainer for a quick fix or to alleviate your guilt our programs are not for you.

If you are ready to commit to a healthy nutrition plan, will work hard, won’t make excuses and miss workouts Dangerously Fit Personal Training is for you.

You will…

 Break bad habits – Get the motivation and accountability to break bad habits, form good ones, learn how to eat and live for a healthier life.

 Tone your muscles – People that use diet pills and weight loss shakes might lose weight for a while, but they inevitably put it straight back on again… and then some. The only way to maintain your ideal weight is with a balanced diet and regular exercise that can be maintained.
 Finally blast away the fat – With our training system you will turbocharge your metabolism and turn your body into a walking furnace.

“Eastern Suburbs locals are supercharging their metabolism and
burning unparalleled amounts of fat with local personal training company”.

You can…

Go back to your old habits and take the diet pills, weight loss shakes, exercise gimmicks and whatever worthless products the fat loss fitness industry throws at you.

Leave this website, do nothing and never reach your true potential, don’t let that be you!

IT’S TIME TO CHOOSE, choose health.
Wishing you the best of health
Dan Clay

Dangerously Fit Personal Training

Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
P.S.  The trial session is no cost, no risk and with no obligations. If you decide not to go ahead with training you wont pay a cent  guaranteed! 

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