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FHM Article

fhm workout
   Here is the full article that appeared in FHM.



Mindfood Article

   Here is the full article that appeared in Mindfood magazine, tips on how to live a fit and healthy life.




Weight Training For Abdominal Strength

ab exercises

Get the 6 pack abdominal's you've always wanted in no time, my best tips for training the abs and a 6 minute ab workout.



Beginner Strength Training Routines

bodybuilding routines

If you're a beginner to strength training, remember these guidelines and incorporate them into your weight training routines.

Video workouts and exercises

1. Weight Training For Abdominal Strength
2. Kettlebell Strength Training
3. Personal Trainer Sydney Outdoor Workout


Fitness Myth's
You'll hear all sorts of advice and mis-information. Here I am going to debunk the 10 Biggest Fitness Myth's.

Outdoor Fitness Gym
This workout is about getting back to basics and getting creative with whatever your surroundings are.

An awesome workout the average guy can do in 30 minutes so there’s no excuse that you don’t have enough time to train and you don’t have to go to a gym.



Benefits Weight Training Women
If you thought lifting weights was just for big guys wearing string vests you were wrong, read this and find out why.

Health and Fitness Q and A, video workouts and the latest news.

Interval Training For Fat Loss
Interval Training done the proper way!

Functional Strength Training

Are swiss-balls over rated?



Sydney Personal Trainers Best Fat Loss Exercises

Sydney Personal Trainer Shares Best Exercises For Rapid Fat Loss AND Lean Muscle Gain

Sydney Personal Trainer Answers Your Fat Loss Questions
Sydney Personal Trainer answers your 3 Most Pressing Fat Loss Questions

Exercise and Diet Tips
Nutritional advice and fitness tips.

Downloadable Personal Training Log
Click here for your Free training log sheets to plan and record your way to success!

Good vs Bad About Supplements
The truth about nutritional supplements, what works and what does'nt.

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